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Hi-Performance WebSite Design
Our Master Designers will put your fully optimized site on your visitors' screens as fast as possible with their connection.

WebSite Re-Engineering
We can turn the under-performing, low-impact or old-style site you may already have into something of which you can really be proud.

WebSite Hosting
Centre Of the Web stresses SERVICE. Your site is important to us, and its full-time operation is our most important priority. After all, your site is right there with ours.

Server Hosting
You keep total control of all the functions of your own machine. We'll install your machine on our network and see that it receives no less than the same attention paid to our own servers.

Business Solutions
Centre Of the Web will turn your WebSite into a useful tool instead of simply a costly advertisement.

Our expert programmers make your WebSite do things you never dreamed possible. See live examples of Data Mining, E-Commerce, general Cool Stuff and more throughout our client's sites.

Critical to the successful planning and implementation of your WebSite or any other business venture is the thought behind it. What do you want to accomplish and what's the best way to get there? We'll help you figure it out and guide you through the process.


is finally made easy in the Centre Of the Web with two online shopping solutions:

  • E-Store Builder - Simple drag & drop operation puts your inventory online with elegance, flexibility and ordering features not found in other online stores. Shop now in a live example.

  • GottaBuyIt - This licensed software's totally Web-based operation lets you quickly and easily create your online store ONLINE. Shop now in a live example

is our TV/Internet convergence product which replaces videotext in all applications. More Info. See a live example in operation.

Internet enabled kiosks can be placed in high-traffic public areas bringing Internet and email access to you no matter where you are.

presents community events in an easy-to-use, format that allows searching by date, category, sponsor and a number of other criteria. See it in operation.

Electronic Business Card Centre
A public service WebSite we've done for our community, and we can build one for yours, too. Like a local Yahoo, it makes everything online in your community easy to find. See it in operation.

Our complete solution for cities, towns and communities of all sizes, integrates all our products and more into one package. Your online town will be the toast of the Internet.

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