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John Balogh
Terry Beard
Bill Brickley
Allen Caldwell
Bob Ceschini
Duane Champion
John Cieply
Gene Oyler
John Stitzinger
Here's What We Do

Centre Of the Web is composed of Internet professionals with over 250 combined man-years of experience. Located in Centre County, Pa., the CentreWeb team offers turnkey Internet and Intranet services.

We've banded together in order to provide you with the absolute best WebSite service you can get. By combining our strengths, each aspect of your WebSite will get the special attention it deserves.

Your graphics will be eye-catching and optimized for fast-as-possible downloading. Your unique layout and design will not only be attractive, but also useful and easy to use. Special programming (CGI, Java, etc.) will make your site come alive and provide you and your visitors with useful features.

And now, please meet "the herd".

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